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Also known as the Black Mother, Kali is a strange and terrible Vedic Power nearly as ancient as India itself. She is the embodiment of energy, both creative and destructive. In that she is a creator of life, she is similar to the mother goddesses of many cultures. But she also eats her own sons and destroys the life that she creates, and is almost unique in this aspect of her being. Kali radiates a peculiar charm over men, and is beloved as the beautiful, horrible, life-giving, life-taking mother. Kali has the power to create living beings from non-animate matter, and the power to kill any creature with a mere thought. In her true form, Kali is a four-armed woman with red eyes, a skeletal face, and a blood-smeared body. She seldom wears any clothing but a skirt of severed hands.

Kali delights in both killing and creation, for both are expressions of the essential energy she embodies. She is equally likely to send her avatar to aid a woman in childbirth or a murderer in danger. Omens from Kali often come in the forms of terrible visions or blissful dreams.

The Black Mother's Realm, The Caverns of the Skull, can be found on the 643rd Layer of the Abyss. It is a place of perpetual blood sacrifice and suffering, home to bloodthirsty, four-armed Xorn, eyewings, Fetch, fireshadows, and hordes of fantatical Petitioners, constantly slaughtering one another only to be reborn to kill again. The layer's caverns are constantly being created and destroyed, and only the goddess knows what tunnels will seal up next. The Caverns have no regular gates, being hidden near Kali's most powerful proxies. All visitors are grist for the blood-stained altars. Chants in praise of Kali go on day and night.

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