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Jotunheim is the Realm of the Giant Pantheon in the first layer of Ysgard. It was granted to them after a peace settlement with the Seldarine, who drove the giants from Arborea shortly after the elven gods arrived on the plane (migrating there from Ysgard). The gods and giants of the realm are also long-time foes of the Norse Pantheon. Jotunheim is separated from Asgard and Vanaheim by the River Iving, which never freezes.

The chief of the giant gods is Annam, though he has abandoned them for a hidden realm in the Outlands.

Cities of Jotunheim include Utgard and Meerauk. The Well+of+Mimir can also be found here, as can Okalnir, the beer-hall of the giant Brimir.

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