Jeremo the Natterer

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Jeremo is a resident of Sigil and Factol of the Ring-Givers Faction. He calls the Palace of the Jester Kip.

When people see Jeremo the Natterer for the first time, most cannot help but laugh. The lean, lanky man dances along with a jerky, uncoordinated gait, looking all the more comical for the tufted helm fit snugly over his head. He constantly mutters to himself, and a stream of ephemeral pictures swirls about the helm, trailing away into nothingness as he capers along. He frequently stops, giving a blast on a tin horn around his neck or brandishing a rapier with a dull red glow about its blade at some invisible foe. From time to time he looses volleys of arrows into the air, only to run about wildly as they rain back down on his position. He earns his nickname as the Lady’s Jester.

Excerpt from Cutters, by Christopher Campbell

Sources: Uncaged; Faces of Sigil

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