Jeena Ealy

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Jeena Ealy (CG female human Ftr9 Society of Sensation) –

This elderly woman has more popular support on the Sigil Advisory Council than any but Chairwoman Rhys, and for good reason. For decades now, since her adventuring career with her late husband left her rich and drunk upon the sensations of the planes, Jeena has lived in the Clerk’s+Ward as a philanthropist and author. Her greatest work, Of Darkest Sigil, exposed to many the truly inhuman conditions within the Hive, and the need to do something about them as a matter of conscience. Her influence in aiding Sigil’s less privileged has been marked since her election. Due to age, it is uncertain if she will pursue a second term after her first ends in a year’s time. She has been adamantly against the positions advocated by Councilwoman Cirily, and has voted time and time again for every piece of legislation put forward by Council Chairwoman Rhys.


In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil
PSCS Releases, Chapter 7

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