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Jazirian is the Couatl Power of community, peace, learning, and parenthood. Jazirian's Realm, Uroboros, the Gates of Wisdom, is on Mount Celestia. The realm is entirely invisible and incorporeal, full of words of power transformed into living beings by the power of the divinity. The Gates of Wisdom are the only path from the fifth heaven, Solania, to Jovar, the sixth, and it is necessary to fly or leap off a mountain peak in order to reach it. Jazirian permits only those who have reached the necessary stage of enlightenment to pass through.

Jazirian is both male and female, considered by the couatls to be a purified form of the World Serpent archetype, just as Merrshaulk is a corrupt and decadent form of it. The nagas consider Jazirian to be the father of their god Parrafaire. A few esoteric sources claim Jazirian also has some sort of relationship with Asmodeus, and credit the deity as one of the creator powers of the Great Ring.

Merrshaulk has destroyed Jazirian's aspect in the world of Toril, where Qotal grants the prayers of the couatls in Jazirian's place.

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