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Jann (singular: janni) are the weakest of genies, excepting only the Markeen. They wander the deserts and wastes of the Prime Material Plane, far from the planes of elemental might, although they have the power to visit the elemental planes for short periods of time. Their capital is the Lost+City+of+Ubar.

Jann resemble statuesque humans or half-elves with handsome, noble features. They can pass unnoticed among mortals without attracting much attention.

Jann are nomads, though they maintain some permanent settlements in hidden oases, windswept holy sites, and deserted cities. They are open and friendly toward newcomers, and make little distinction between mortal races. They are on excellent terms with the Djinn, tolerate the Dao and efreet, and treat the marids as royalty. They are at war with the Khayal. The Markeen are exiles from their society as much as any other, and are not permitted to mix with genies of any sort.

The most wicked members of an inferior order of the jann were corrupted by negative+energy, becoming the great+ghuls. Jann may also be related to Tempests.

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