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Jamis (Planar/female human/Cleric 12 (Oghma)/Fraternity of Order/LG)

Jamis is the new Factol of the Fraternity of Order. After the Faction War, a power struggle had erupted between Jamis and Nancias Garabutos, the wizardly head of the Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment in Mechanus. Jamis was the obvious choice to succeed Hashkar, but Nancias was already head of Guvner doings in Mechanus. At the same time, a grand restructuring of the Fraternity was taking place. “For everything a place, and a place for everything” became the tagline that marked many speeches and talks during this time. The Mathematicians were reabsorbed into the organization, with the promise of a new direction for the faction luring them back.

Jamis, after many debates, was elected - though many Mechanus natives resent the fact that it was probably due more to her charming presence and divine favor than to intellectual ability. Still, Jamis softened the conflict by announcing that she would be leading an expedition to form a safe house and library in Sigil again (so as to avoid threating Nancias’ authority). Also, the structure of bureaus was greatly expanded with the interest of exploring previously neglected studies and widening the scope of the Fraternity's research.

The Guvners haven’t forgotten Sigil; indeed, it’s been foremost in their minds even during their absence. Since it seemingly lies in the middle of the Outer Planes, the Axioms discovered there might be the most valuable of all. Rumor has it that Jamis has quite a few of Hashkar’s journals, which may include darks regarding both Sigil and the Lady of Pain


Faction War
PSCS Releases, Chapter 3

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