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The primal demiurge of the Krynnish Pantheon, Ionthas was created by the High God to be the greatest of all the gods, in charge of shaping the world from primal Chaos.

Ionthas served faithfully for a time, but then he became corrupted by his power, declaring himself the absolute master of the world of Krynn and all its other gods. At last Paladine was granted additional power by the Highgod to overthrow Ionthas, banishing him from the world. Later he was imprisoned in a gem (the Graystone of Gargath, or Greygem) by Reorx.

Ionthas became known as Chaos, the Father of All and Nothing. He represents unbridled fury, disorder, dissolution, and eternity. During the Summer of Chaos, Ionthas almost destroyed the world.

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