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Inanna, the Keeper of the Flame, is the Sumerian goddess of passion in love and war. She commonly appears as a beautiful woman in a chariot drawn by seven lions, wielding a double-bladed brass axe and wearing armor that cannot be penetrated by heat, cold, fang, or claw. She can summon the spirits of any being she has killed to fight on her side. She demands that artworks and magical weapons be sacrificed on her altars on nights of the full moon. Inanna is fickle and deadly, more evil than lawful. She follows her own laws, but doesn't expect lovers or warriors to do the same. She is like the cat, her sacred animal, or like the lionesses who pull her chariot.

Inanna dwells in Phlegethos, the fourth Layer of Baator, in a Realm called the Jealous Heart. The details of her pact with Lady Fierana is unknown, though the Lord of the Fourth has been known to call upon her court. Her realm resembles a vast field covered with crimson dust, in which everyone who enters succumbs to some desire - either to love or to kill. Its main city is called Eridan, where lovers guard against warriors and warriors guard against lovers.

The goddess Ishtar was born from Inanna. Inanna was once the wife of Enlil, but she has been set aside and seethes because of it. Baator hath no fury like a goddess scorned.

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