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In the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, Ilmater is a god of suffering, martyrdom, and perseverance. He also goes by the Broken God or The One Who Endures. He is allied with Tyr, and is a sworn foe of Loviatar. His symbol is a pair of hands bound by red cord.

He and his followers are known to endure pain to ease the suffering of others, sometimes giving them a reputation as masochists. However, the faithful of Ilmater have great skill at healing, and often aid the poor, diseased, and oppresed. For this reason they are greatly admired by the Bleak Cabal.

Ilmater's Realm, Martyrdomain, is in Shurrock, the stormy layer of Bytopia. It is a place of rest, known as one of the most soothing places on the planes. At its heart is a great, open-air temple where the servants and martyrs of Ilmater are rewarded for their services in life.

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