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Ilmatar was the Finnish virgin goddess of mothers. She has given birth to Vainamoinen, the greatest hero in the Finnish mythos. The other Finnish gods owe her so many favors and have such respect for her son that there's nothing Ilmatar can't get from them, though she's too honorable to use that influence unduly. The exception is Tuoni, who loathes Vainamoinen and goes out of her way to make life difficult for him.

Ilmatar has a hand-sized ball, enscribed with the legends and spells of creation, which she can use to know all the powers and abilities of any being that ever existed. She is lawful good.

She has no permanent Realm, instead wandering throughout the lands of her worshipers on the Prime+Material, seeking to alleviate the pains of motherhood and answering any call she can.

She should not be confused with Ilmater.

Deities & Demigods (1st edition)
On Hallowed Ground
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