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An ildriss, also called a wind terror, is a type of Grue hailing from the Plane+of+Elemental+Air. Normally invisible, an ildriss resembles a cloud of roiling air when it can be viewed, or as a fog-like cloud with vaporous tentacles and three faintly gleaming red eyes. The mists of their bodies are generally gray, pale yellow, or (rarely) white. When killed, it leaves behind a Spell object that contains a single spell suitable for copying into a spellbook.

Ildrisses make and break friendships quickly, living in ever-shifting cliques and tenuous partnerships. On their native plane they dwell in semi-stable tribes. Different tribes do not betray one another, but neither do they cooperate. Other races consider them to be outcasts and parasites. They are very hesitant predators, spying on their prey for days before deciding whether or not to attack. Ildrisses eat clouds, cold breezes, birds, and small creatures of elemental air. They maintain defined territories only during mating season, when they grow even more violent and untrustworthy than usual. During mating season, they instinctually attack and kill all interlopers, but do not eat them.

Ildrisses have no hierarchy or chain of command; those with goals lead the others. All ildrisses are servants or spies of Yan-C-Bin, an elemental+prince+of+evil. However, there are rumors of good ildrisses who have abandoned the worship of the wicked Archomental, worshipping Chan or no one. These ildrisses, called fog ildrisses, are even more timid than others of their kind, only approaching beings who have proven themselves of saintlike purity. In all other respects, they resemble others of their kind.

An ildriss can be summoned with a summon monster IV spell.


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