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A pyromaniacal mage, Ignus is chaotic neutral (due to insanity, and some contend he should be classified as chaotic evil for his destructive urges.) Ignus once attempted to burn down the Hive, and was only stopped by a collaboration of many local magic users, from minor hedge wizards to mighty sorcerors. Furious at his mad killing spree, they converted him into a living Conduit to the Elemental+Plane+of+Fire as an ironic punishment. It should have incinerated him instantly. Unfortunately, he didn't die. Stuck in a semi-coma and reveling in the never-ending flames coursing over his body, he was eventually made into a mascot for the Smoldering Corpse Bar. It is revealed that The Nameless One was the master of Ignus in a previous incarnation and indirectly caused Ignus to become this monstrosity.

His attacks are ranged that deal part physical and part fire damage. Ignus is literally on fire at all times, and never walks, but floats everywhere. He obeys only The Nameless One, requests from any other party member are responded to with violent threats. He can teach The Nameless One a number of spells unavailable anywhere else, though each teaching requires TNO to sacrifice a body part. These organs will regenerate, but Ignus' power is so great that permanent hit point loss still results. As the little flesh he has remaining is molten, he is unable to equip or wear any kind of armour or tattoos, making him very vulnerable to brute and raw physical damage. However, his magic spells and attacks are unmatched and he has the surprisingly high constitution, allowing him to regenerate lost health, albeit at a slow rate. Naturally, Ignus is also immune to fire attacks and spells.

Ignus can join the party after freeing him from his imprisonment in The Smoldering Corpse Bar. Near the very end of the game, if the player was mostly lawful and/or good throughout the game, The Nameless One will have to battle him in the Fortress of Regrets.

Planescape: Torment
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