Ice, Paraelemental Plane of

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The Paraelemental+plane of Ice, also called the Plane of Cold, is endless frost and cold and ice and blizzards and snow floating between the Elemental+planes+of+Air> and the Elemental Plane of Water.

The border with Air is called the Precipice; it looks like an infinite snowy plain filled with fingered bridges and icicles that fade into nothingness. Dig deep, toward the plane of Water, and you'll never reach the end without a guide - that part's infinite too.

On infinity's other side is the Sea of Frozen Lives, where small patches of open water appear in icy caverns, eventually breaking the ice into enormous floes and bergs.

The plane also borders the Quasielemental Plane of Lightning, the quasielemental+plane+of+Steam, the quasielemental+plane+of+Salt, and the Quasielemental Plane of Vacuum.

Ice paraelementals, ice mephits, frost+salamanders, frostmites, ice+crabs, remorhaz, yeti, ice toads, white dragons, frost giants, ice and frost trolls, and immoth]+all+inhabit+the+plane.+[[Marids often scour the ice in their great hunts.

In the coldest heart of Core Ice, in a fortress known as the Chiseled Estate, lives Lord Cryonax, the most powerful of ice paraelementals. Cryonax is an evil Archomental who looks a bit like a yeti with tentacles. He hopes to make his plane into a true <elemental+plane, with every other plane a mere paraelemental border. He is opposed by the greatest of white dragons, Albranthanilar, who is also a cunning and powerful spellslinger. The two high-ups are fighting a long cold war, maneuvering toward their ultimate confrontation.

Another powerful being associated with the plane is Zzutam, from the Forgotten Realms novel Prince of Lies. 

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