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Iborighu is a god of evil worshipped by a fey people called uldras.

In the ancient past, many uldras were devout worshipers of a beautiful uldra deity named Hleid. Uldra gods and clerics refer to this as the "time of Ilmarhil." It is said that this was a time of great happiness for the uldra gods, when the uldra race was created and they drew lots with the deities of the humans, elves, gnomes, and dwarves to divide up the world. Unfortunately, Hleid was nearly slain one terrible night by her son Iborighu. Her fragmented body was cast into the polar seas, where the burning remnants transformed into rimefire eidolons, which then created huge icebergs to protect themselves from further harm.

Sources: Frostburn, Dragon #119 - "The Uldra"

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