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Hecate is the Greek Power of the moon, magic, and plenty. She often visits her friend Persephone (Hades’ wife) in Pluton, and has learned to control the undead. Necromancy is impossible in Arborea without a sacrifice to her. Hecate is the defender of children and the provider of abundance in food, riches, and other desirable things. She also wanders the night with a pack of hell-hounds, which she sets on those foolish enough to travel at night. Those who cast spells draw upon her power, as she is the source of all non-clerical magic. At night, she can cast twice as many spells as normal. In her true form, Hecate has three female heads and the body of a ravishing woman, but she can appear in the form of any living creature she wishes.

Hecate is an independent and capricious goddess. She often aids or hinders mortals for no reason other than having nothing better to do. Any being doing injury to a child stands a chance of drawing her notice, in which case she will send her avatar to exact an appropriate vengeance. At night, she sometimes appears in avatar form to lonely shepherds, and has been known to protect their flocks on more than one occasion. Omens from Hecate generally come in the form of some magical communication, and are accompanied by the eerie sound of baying dogs. Hecate has somehow come into the posession of the eye of Gruumsh, and has other gifts for other gods if they can only follow her trails of clues.

Although she can often be found with the rest of the Greek gods in Olympus, she has two other realms, both named Aeaea, on Minauros in Baator and on Pluton in the Gray Waste. Hecate is more lawful than evil, and sends her quota of Baatezu to punish offenders in an organized and just fashion. Her proxy is Circe, a powerful transmuter.

In Baator, Aeaea is a misty realm filled with infernal devices. Hecate sacrifices souls to empower them; she says they sustain all the magic of the Multiverse.

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