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The Harmonium, born on the Prime world of Ortho five centuries ago, is a Faction dedicated to ensuring peace and tranquility through the uniformity of belief. The Harmonium, knowing that belief is power and dissention causes conflict, agree to all believe the same things. They also try to get other people to do the same, but if they don't agree, the Harmonium are willing to use force if necessary to see their peace and harmony realized.

Members of the Harmonium are sometimes called Hardheads, a generally derogatory term that ably describes their temperment.

Prior to the Faction War, the Harmonium was led by Sarin and based at Sigil's City Barracks in The Lady's Ward. After the Faction War, the faction retreated to their base of Melodia in Arcadia. They are currently led by Faith, a priestess of St. Cuthbert and the widdow of Sarin.

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