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Graz'zt is the Tanar'ri Prince of Shadows, lord of tyrants, despots, guile, and debauchery. Known as the Dark Prince, he is one of the most physically attractive of the lords of the Abyss; his muscular, 9' tall humanoid body has pure black skin, slightly pointed ears, fangs, six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. He combines military might with arcane power and a crafty, demented genius mind to dominate three layers of the Abyss, known collectively as Azzagrat. He is worshiped by witches and Lamias, and on them he has has sired countless half-fiendish children. One of his sons, Iuz, is a demigod of the world of Oerth.

His mother is said to be Pale Night, an ancient being who possibly predates the rise of the tanar'ri in the Abyss. His sister is Rhyxali. As one of the most powerful lords of the Abyss, he has earned many enemies, including Orcus and Demogorgon (his chief rivals for domination over the plane), Malcanthet (who spurned his offers of romance), Kostchtchie (who he humiliated as part of his scheme to embarass Malcanthet), Baphomet (who he imprisoned for a time), and Socothbenoth (who covets his position). Recently he has concocted a scheme to revenge himself against Lolth, who rejected his offers of an alliance.

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