Gray Waste

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Gray Waste

The Three Glooms. Hope's Loss. The Nadir. The Waste is a place with many secrets, though even it seem to have stopped caring what they are. It is the plane of purest evil, midway between Carceri and Gehenna in the Lower Planes.

The Gray Waste is despair, a plane of horrible greed that sucks the passion, identity, and will from those who enter it and gives nothing in return. There may be equal suffering on other planes, but other planes don't rob those who suffer of their very essences while they find themselves being transformed into writhing worms or mournful shades. Even in Baator, there is hope: in the Waste there is nothing, only endless insulting gray. Cause and effect are an illusion here: things happen because they must, because Evil demands it.

Yugoloths, Night Hags, hordlings, nightmares, and Diakka dominate this plane.

It has three known layers, appropriately called "glooms."

  • Oinos is the most prominent battlefield of the Blood War, filled with constant guts and carnage. It is also a place of nightmares and virulent plague. The River Styx flows here.

  • Niflheim is a place of cold and mist, home of frost giants and the dead. The world ash Yggdrasil has its roots here.

  • Pluton is a place of darkness and shadows, home of the dead. Mount Olympus has its roots here.

Touching all three layers is the Town at the Center, a planar metropolis.

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