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Gehenna. The Ever-Sloping. The Fourfold Furnaces. The Fires Terrible.

[/b]A bloody awful land, if ever there was one. Gehenna vies with most of the Lower Planes for the coveted title of "nastiest place to be lost in." The whole plane's a volcano, and an active one at that.

Gehenna consists of four layers, each one resembling a volacano tha floats freely and has two peaks, a top and bottom. There is no ground level in any of the four layers. If a Sod ain't being broiled to death by lava, crushed by avalanches, scoured by acidic winds or piked by the raging Blood War, then he's having an uncommonly good day.

Gehenna is selfish exploitation incarnate, a plane where self-determination is replaced by rule by those with with the most will and wits at the expense of everyone else. Nothing is equal here; everyone is succeeds only due to the suffering of others. Gehenna is base Evil with undertones of Law.

Gehenna is dominated by the yugoloths, the home of their Crawling City and Tower+Arcane. Other natives include barghests and Vaporighu.

Gehenna's four layers are Khalas, Chamada, Mungoth, and Krangath.

Source: Planewalker's Handbook, Planes of Conflict, Manual of the Planes

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