Fu Hsing

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Fu Hsing is the Chinese Power of happiness, who sees to it that each man receives his share of joy. Originally, Fu Hsing was a mortal magistrate named Yang Cheng. Yang saved the people from the emperor Wu-ti’s intolerable tax levies in the sixth century AD. In return for his bravery and selflessness, the Jade+Emperor made him immortal and assigned him the cheerful task of spreading happiness. Fu Hsing is a small, cheerful man with a ready smile.

Fu Hsing is a jolly deity who takes great pleasure in executing his duties. A prayer from any unhappy person who truly deserves happiness is undoubtedly likely to bring a response from Fu Hsing. Often, he sends his avatar to heroes to ask them for help on behalf of the distressed person.

If a party answers such a request and helps the person, they are sure to be rewarded. Sometime in the future, at their most desperate hour, Fu Hsing will send his avatar to their aid.

Fu Hsing dwells in the Land of the Immortals with Lao Tzu and the Pa Hsien.
Source: Legends & Lore (2nd ed.), On Hallowed Ground

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