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The Forgesmiths were a Faction in Sigil before the Great Upheaval. They believed the secret to the Multiverse was to be found in its construction, and that the purpose of life was to create, and to build, be it buildings, ideas, or children.

They created a huge iron lattice bridge across the Ditch, called the Bridge That Spans Worlds. The bridge was the arch for a Portal that
would take you across the planes, depending on the key put in a small
container on the front of the boat, called a spiritcage. Ships entered a
left through the portal of the Bridge That Spans Worlds, with a
"checkpoint" for taxation called Takers Locks before they moved on to
deliver their cargo to the Industriral Stitches, a mazework of tracks
that carried cargo to the Forge.

Source: William James Cuffe, Polyhedron #167

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