Five Companions

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The legendary Five Companions of the Guardinal race have served as exemplars and epitomes of their respective kinds for as long as there have been guardinals - probably as long as there's been a plane of Elysium. In contrast to the relatively unchanging ranks of the Hebdomad, Lords of the Nine, yugoloth+lords and so forth, members of the Companions come and go, assuming the office when they are fit for it and willingly retiring when someone else is more fit.

  • Talisid, the Celestial Lion, has held that position longer than anyone else, and few can remember the name of his predecessor.
  • Duke Lacan was the representative of the lupinals until recently, when he was succeeded by Talisid's close friend Kharash.
  • Duchess Callisto was the sagely representative of the ursinals, but was recently succeeded by Bharrai, the stately Mother Bear.
  • Duke Windheir was the greatest of the avorals, but he is now enjoying his well-earned rest while Sathia, the Sky Duchess, has taken over.
  • Lord Hwhyn of the equinals has been succeeded by Vhara, Duchess of the Fields.
  • The curmudgeonly Lord Rhanok retired the most recently, passing his position on to Manath, the Horned Duke.

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