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Fell is best known as the so-called 'fallen Dabus', an outcast member of the silent, floating servants of the Lady of Pain.

Millennia ago, Aoskar the Portal Father, a deity of portals and planewalking was highly revered in Sigil, so much so that the use of Sigil's Portals became nearly synonomous with an act of veneration of that deity. Aoskar is said to have hungered to rule Sigil itself, but it took something else for The Lady of Pain to finally take action.

And that trigger was due to Fell taking upon the robes of a priest of Aoskar, forsaking The Lady and embracing the worship of the Portal Father.

When The Lady of Pain obliterated the Cathedral of Aoskar, forming the Shattered Temple District in the Lower Ward of Sigil, Fell was only person left alive after the carnage.

Unlike the other Dabus who shun him to this day, Fell does not float, his feet touch the ground. It remains an open question if Fell was left alive as an act of mercy, or an act of damnation. Perhaps Her Serenity could not kill him, or perhaps she lets him live in order to wallow in the misery of knowing that his deity is dead by her hand by his betrayal.

Fell appears to still hold some faith in Aoskar, and perhaps still receive spells from his faith, despite the fact that Aoskar's corpse floats in the Astral plane with a look of absolute horror across his petrified face, pierced through with suggestively shaped blades. Fell will speak of Aoskar on rare occasion, regaling listeners with his tales, but generally Fell avoids contact, and many avoid contact with him fearing the wrath of The Lady.

He runs Fell's Tatoo Parlor on Redwind Road in the Market Ward.

Uncaged: Faces of Sigil
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