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The Gate-town to the Beastlands seems like a half-ruined city reclaimed by the jungle. Yet it has a thriving population of humanoids, sentient animals, lycanthropes, shifters, and other planar creatures, dwelling among the ruins, caves, and in colorful tents.

The "ruins" were never whole, at least not in the Outlands. If you believe the chant, ruined cities on the Prime Material Plane sometimes spontaneously shift into the Outlands, ending up here as part of an eternally expanding metropolis of ruins. The ruins are supposed to have natural portals in them, too, leading to the worlds from which they came.

The portal to the Beastlands is a huge stone face called Wrath. They say he was once a Mortai - a living, laughing cloud - who committed some crime and was banished here in petrified form. It's up to Wrath's discretion where people end up in the Beastlands, so best deal with him honestly and politely.

The Sign of One faction maintains a ruined cathedral here, and the Vile Hunt sect lurks in Faunel as well.


A Player's Primer to the Outlands

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