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The Fated, or Takers, don’t believe in pity. They recognize the multiverse is a tough place, but they say everyone’s the master of their own destiny and bashers have no one to praise or blame but themselves. The multiverse belongs to those who can hold it and if you fail along the way, it’s because you weren’t trying hard enough.

The worst Takers are selfish gits that care nothing for anyone other than themselves. The best of them do what they can to help others help themselves, believing that charity is ultimately worse for people than doing nothing at all. If you don't earn something, they say, you don't deserve it, and if you don't deserve it someone who does will take it from you and that's the cold, hard truth. That's how real life works. That's fate. They help people by helping them deserve things, not just giving them away.

Takers can be thieves, villains, or great heroes who grab life by the balls and don't let go, making the most of their fates to defeat evil and injustice where others are too weak to resist.

Philosophy: Everyone’s responsible for themselves. For good or bad, you carve out your own fate.
Nicknames: Survivors, Takers, the Heartless, Coldbloods.
Headquarters: The Sanctuary (formerly known as Rowan's Hall), Ysgard (prior to the Faction War, they were based at Sigil's Hall of Records).
Factol: Aram Oakwright (CN male dwarf Ftr 6 Fated), prior to Factin War, Rowan+Darkwood (Ranger 19/ Cleric 20 Male Human Prime CG)
Alignment: Any except lawful good.
Symbol: A hand gripping a golden walking stick against a purple background. Pre-Faction war, A crowned man in front of a tangle of thorny vines.

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