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Fall-From-Grace is a Succubus cleric who gains her spells from the abstract principle of sensation. A devout Sensate, she runs a brothel in the Clerk's Ward devoted to satiating intellectual, as opposed to physical, lusts.

Grace is an odd succubus for sure, chaste and lawful neutral in alignment. She appears as an achingly beautiful, long-limbed young woman with flawless, milk-white skin, silky crimson hair, and delicate pointed ears. In her true form, her eyes burn red with fiendish fire and sharp, batlike wings unfold from her back.

Fall-From-Grace is a daughter of Red Shroud and an unnamed balor. Her father tried to use Grace as a tool to take over the town of Broken Reach, so Red Shroud pragmatically sold her daughter off to the Baatezu as a slave. After millennia, she won her freedom in a contest of improvisation with one of her Cornugon masters, satisfying his intellectual lusts in a way no one had before. Grace made her way to Sigil and joined the Society of Sensation.

The time she spent with the baatezu made her see the benefit of an orderly existence, and her time with both baatezu and Tanar'ri made her decide that evil was futile.

Planescape: Torment
Dragon Magazine #264
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