Faerunian pantheon

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Primary Powers

The Overpower of Toril is Ao, who rules over all the deities of that world. However, Ao is beyond mortal contact or worship.

Greater Powers

  • Akadi: Elemental Air, Movement, Speed, Flying Creatures (N)
  • Bane: Hatred, Tyranny, Fear (LE)
  • Chauntea: Agriculture, Farmers, Gardeners, Summer (NG)
  • Cyric: Murder, Lies, Intrigue, Deception, Illusion (CE)
  • Grumbar: Elemental Earth, Solidity, Changelessness, Oaths (N)
  • Istishia: Elemental Water, Purification, Wetness (N)
  • Kelemvor: Death, The Dead (LN)
  • Kossuth: Elemental Fire, Purification Through Fire (N)
  • Lathander: Spring, Dawn, Birth, Renewal, Youth, Vitality, Athletics (NG)
  • Mystra: Magic, Spells, The Weave (NG/LN)
  • Oghma: Knowledge, Invention, Inspiration, Bards (N)
  • Shar: Dark, Night, Loss, Forgetfulness, Unrevealed Secrets, Caverns, Dungeons, The Underdark (NE)
  • Silvanus: Wild Nature, Druids (N)
  • Sune: Beauty, Love, Passion (CG)
  • Talos: Storms, Destruction, Rebellion, Conflagrations, Earthquakes, Vortices (CE)
  • Tempus: War, Battle, Warriors (CN)
  • Tyr: Justice (LG)

Intermediate Powers

  • Beshaba: Random mischief, Misfortune, Bad Luck, Accidents (CE)
  • Gond: Artifice, Craft, Construction, Smithwork (N)
  • Helm: Guardians, Protectors, Protection (LN)
  • Ilmater: Endurance, Suffering, Martyrdom, Perseverance (LG)
  • Mielikki: Forest, Forest Creatures, Rangers, Dryads, Autumn (NG)
  • Selûne: Moon, Stars, Navigation, Navigators, Wanderers, Seekers, Good Neutral Lycanthropes (CG)
  • Tymora: Good Fortune, Skill, Victory, Adventurers, Adventuring (CG)
  • Umberlee: Oceans, Currents, Waves, Sea Winds (CE)

Lesser Powers

  • Auril: Cold, Winter (NE)
  • Azuth: Wizards, Mages, Spellcasters in General (LN)
  • Deneir: Glyphs, Images, Literature, Literacy, Scribes, Cartography (NG)
  • Eldath: Quiet Places, Springs, Pools, Peace, Waterfalls (NG)
  • Lliira: Joy, Happiness, Dance, Festivals, Freedom, Liberty (CG)
  • Loviatar: Pain, Hurt, Agony, Torment, Suffering, Torture (LE)
  • Malar: Hunters, Bloodlust, Evil Lycanthropes, Stalking (CE)
  • Mask: Thieves, Thievery, Shadows (NE)
  • Milil: Poetry, Song, Eloquence (NG)
  • Shaundakul: Travel, Exploration, Caravans, Portals (CN)
  • Talona: Disease, Poison (CE)
  • Torm: Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, Paladins (LG)
  • Uthgar: Uthgardt Barbarian Tribes, Physical Strength (CN)
  • Waukeen: Trade, Money, Wealth (N)


  • Finder Wyvernspur: Cycle of life, Transformation of Art, Saurials (CN)
  • Garagos: War, Skill-at-Arms, Destruction, Plunder (CN)
  • Gargauth: Betrayal, Cruelty, Political Corruption, Powerbrokers (LE)
  • Gwaeron Windstrom: Tracking, Rangers of the North (NG)
  • Hoar: Revenge, Retribution, Poetic Justice (LN)
  • Jergal: Fatalism, Proper Burial, Guardians of Tombs (LN)
  • Lurue: Talking Beasts and Intelligent Animals (CG)
  • Nobanion: Royalty, Lions and Feline Beasts, Good Beasts (LG)
  • Red Knight: Strategy, Planning, Tactics (LN)
  • Savras: Divination, Fate, Truth (LN)
  • Sharess: Hedonism, Festhalls, Cats (CG)
  • Shiallia: Woodland Glades, Woodland Fertility (NG)
  • Siamorphe: Nobles, Rightful Rule of Nobles, Human Royalty (LG)
  • Ulutiu: Glaciers, Polar Environments, Arctic Dwellers (LN)
  • Valkur: Sailors, Ships, Favourable Winds, Naval Combat (CG)
  • Velsharoon: Necromancy, Evil Liches, Undeath (NE)

Lost Powers

Dead Powers

  • Amaunator: Bureaucracy, Contracts, Law, Order, The Sun, Rulership.
  • Bhaal: Death, especially violent or ritual death.
  • Gilgeam: Battle, Prowess, Strength, Unther

  • Ibrandul: Caverns, Dungeons, The Underdark, Skulks
  • Karsus: Magic, Hubris
  • Leira: Deception, Illusion
  • Moander: Rotting death, Decay, Corruption
  • Myrkul: The Dead, Wasting, Decay, Corruption, Parasites, Old Age, Exhaustion, Dusk, Autumn
  • Ramman: Duty, Order, Vigilance, War

  • Tchazzar: Chessenta.
  • Tyche: Luck
  • Iyachtu Xvim: Tyranny, Hatred

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