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Faerie, in Planescape, is the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

The Seelie Court[/b] is the wandering home (across Arborea, Ysgard, and the Beastlands) of the good-natured fey creatures. The Unseelie Court lurks in the darkness of Pandemonium.

The Seelie Court and its darker cousin the Unseelie Court are split over the lines of what constitutes fey; the former (ruled by Titania) is filled with pure fey only, while the latter (ruled by the Queen of Air and Darkness) is stocked with all sorts of hideous crossbreeds and undead.

Both Courts are similar to what one would find in a Prime+Material court: Many gossiping, celebrating patricians of the natural world. The fey's lifespan allows them to enjoy many things, and many follow whatever 'fads' are popular at the moment. Although the lifestyle may seem frolicsome and loose, many noble fey houses plot and deceive in order to increase their political power and eventually take the place of the current ruler of their Court.

Despite the far-reaching influence of both Courts, some fey creatures remain untroubled by their royal cousins. There may be other fey planes. One such plane, Ladinion, was destroyed by the same corruption that tainted the Queen of Air and Darkness.

The primes of the land of Kellinon believe that all other planes are part of Faerie, and tend to treat all Planar creatures as fey.


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