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For the god of dragons, see Io.

A faction is a philosophical guild that extends across many planes of existence (as opposed to a Sect, which has a more limited appeal). Factions gain power by mastering belief and defining reality. All of them posit some solution to the Problem of Pain, the question of suffering.

The Lady of Pain limited the number of factions active in Sigil to fifteen after the Great Upheaval. During the Faction War, the cold war between the factions (or Kriegstanz) erupted into open battle, and at the end they were forced to relinquish their roles in Sigil's government.

Prior to the Faction War, Sigil's Factions were:

* Athar
* Believers of the Source
* Bleak Cabal
* Doomguard
* Dustmen
* Fated
* Fraternity of Order
* Free League
* Harmonium
* Mercykillers
* Revolutionary League
* Sign of One
* Society of Sensation
* Transcendent Order
* Xaositects

Following the Faction War, some changes were made to the 'List' of Factions as such:

* The Believers of the Source and the Sign of One merged to form the Mind's Eye
* The Mercykillers split into two factions, the Sons of Mercy and the Sodkillers
* The Ring-Givers rose from sect to faction

Dead or forgotten factions include:

*The Communals
*The Incanterium
*The Zactars
*The Expansionists
*The Decorators
*The Forgesmiths

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