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Elysium. The Land of Perfect Good. The Restful Plane.

A Blood might think the plane of ultimate goodness'd be a stuffy, boring place. Well, the blood should think again: Elysium's got its share of excitement and darks. They say everyone has their dirty linen, and it seems the multiverse likes to keeps its washing here.

Opposite the Great Ring from the Gray Waste, Elysium is that other plane's opposite in many ways. Where the Waste is gloomy and colorless, everything in Elysium seems brighter and more full of life. Where the Waste is the most evil of the Outer Planes, Elysium's the most purely good. It's said that the joys and sensations of the plane are so great that those who see it never want to leave.

Elysium's four layers are Amoria, Eronia, Belierin and Thalasia.

Elysium is the home of phoenixes, guardinals, moon+dogs, Quesar, many powers, asuras, and Aasimon.

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