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Draedens are the descendents of beings that existed before the gods or the planes, beings that might have created part or all of the Multiverse. They still consider the entire multiverse to be their rightful domain. When the gods and powers assumed responsibility for the cosmos, the draedens became resentful and warred against them, but after long strife and negotiations, they agreed to peace. They plan to outlast their enemies by simply waiting until they destroy themselves, leaving the multiverse to the draedens once again.1

A draeden's true form is a cluster of 20 tubular strands, all
symmetrically attatched to a central node - a brain-like stomach - and
fanning out at both ends. Each strand has a mouth at the end. Draedens
range in length from approximately 101,000 to 200,000 feet, making them
as big as demiplanes.1 At least one draeden has been mistaken for a
Layer of the Abyss.2

A demiplane called Draedenden is filled with vast, empty space in which ten-kilometer-long maggots writhe, their skins wrinkled like brains. It's suspected that these are draeden larvae.4


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