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The Doomguard are at the same time one of the most introspective and one of the most riotous members of the Sigilian population. They believe in the great power of Entropy to destroy all that exists. Each of them acknowledges that Entropy is the ultimate force in the multiverse, and that it's going to eventually take everything in existence with it, converting it to dust, and then the dust to nothing. They point to the massive structures, civilizations of old, and our ancestors... each a mighty force in their time, now gone the way of the dodo. Time destroys all things, say the most moderate of the Doomguard.

The Doomguard was a Faction with headquarters in the Armory in Sigil and were led by Pentar, their Factol. After the Faction War they relocated to their fortresses in the negative Quasielemental Planes.

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