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As the Greek Power of wine, Dionysus has a dual nature. On one hand, he is the embodiment of joy, pleasure, and camaraderie. On the other, he embodies brutality, idiocy, and madness. His twin nature is a reflection of the dual properties of wine in the eyes of the Greeks: imbibed in moderation, it brings pleasure and comfort, but in excess, it brings nothing but depraved misery. He has the power to turn an unlimited amount of water to wine, to make any vine grow anywhere, and to inflict madness upon any intelligent being.

Although he can change shape into any living creature, his true form is that of a handsome young man.

Dionysus is a raucous, unruly deity who likes nothing better than drinking to excess and wild uninhibited behavior. If left alone, he and his boisterous worshipers (the Bacchae) are usually no more than a minor annoyance. But if someone tries to inhibit his worshipers fun, or to drive them away, Dionysus is quick to mock them. If that doesn’t work, he won’t hesitate to use his powers against the intruders. Omens from Dionysus often take the form of hallucinations, especially while drinking wine.

He resides in Olympus with the rest of the Olympians.

Source: Legends & Lore (2nd ed.)

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