Dark Eight

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The Dark Eight are the Pit Fiend generals of the Blood War. They handle the day-to-day administration of Baator and command the castes of Baatezu. They are outranked by the baatezu nobles and the Lords of the Nine (although Bel must defer to Dagos on Blood War matters).

The Dark Eight are:

  • Baalzephon, Master of Supply (female)

  • Furcas, Minister of Mortal Relations
  • Corin, Spymaster of Baator
  • Dagos, Marshall of the Pits
  • Zimimar, Minister of Morale (female)

  • Zaebos, Minister of Promotions and Demotions
  • Zapan, Minister of Immortal Relations
  • Pearza, Minister of Research and Development (female)

The Dark Eight were founded long, long ago by a pit fiend called Cantrum, though they didn't operate openly until somewhat later, after the+Reckoning, a failed revolution in the Nine Hells. For a while they were known as the Dark Nine, but Cantrum was assassinated. The other Eight have managed to remain a constant all this time, seemingly immune to the assassination attempts so common in the baatezu ranks.

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