Citadel Alluvius

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The region of the Quasielemental Plane of Dust known as the Storm of Annihilation is home to this Doomguard stronghold. It is a single square tower of 24 stories that has fallen onto one side. As a result, the interior of the building is disorienting to new arrivals, with the former walls, floors, and ceilings having switched roles. The entire structure rests on a massive disc of slowly rotating elemental+earth. The outpost is protected from the deadly tides that sweep in from the Negative+Energy+Plane by an immense wall of force.

Doomguard of Dust seem to be a more eclectic lot, not seeming to partake in one view on entropy. Rather, they are unified by the fact that entropy has taken root in their souls. Led by Pereid, and the largest current faction of Doomguard, many come across as chaotic as a Xaositect, and some are undeniably mad. Others have been wounded during the Faction War and other conflicts, and sport disfigured or scarred bodies. A growing belief in this citadel is that entropy should be internalized - that only those that bear its mark, in one way or another, can have a perspective on it. They are split between those that think entropy is moving too fast, those that think it’s moving at a sufficient pace, and those that think that it isn’t moving fast enough, but their belief in internal entropy is what has brought them together.

The Factol's Manifesto
The Inner Planes
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