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Beshaba is a chaotic evil goddess of accidents, bad luck, betrayal, misfortune, random mischief, and treachery. She dwells in Blood Tor, the 13th layer of the Abyss, which she shares with Umberlee. Blood Tor was the site of a Baatezu incursion into the Abyss, the site of one of their greatest successes early on in the Blood War, so it makes an appropriate home for the goddess of misfortune.

From the red-tinted ocean of her layer rises a rocky hill capped by a single granite tunnel. This hill, the Blood Tor, bleeds riverlets of blood, said to be the blood of all those who die in unfortunate accidents on Toril.

Beshaba was once an aspect of Tyche of the Olympian+pantheon; she and her sister Tymora were born when Tyche was corrupted by Moander. What was good in Tyche became Tymora, while what was evil in Tyche became Behsaba.

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