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Bane, or the Black Hand, is the god of tyranny and fear in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. He is also worshiped in the Demiplane+of+Dread. He and his clergy seek to dominate all of Faerun, which they try by supporting the Zhentarim. Although recently slain, he has returned from the dead through his own son, fostering great terror and intrigue with it. He is depicted as a dark humanoid figure in armor.

Bane originally was an ambitious mortal, but along with Bhaal and Myrkul, the trio ascended after killing the god Borem. They each gained part of Jergal's sphere of influence, Bane gaining that of strife and fear. Later, he and Myrkul would conspire to steal the Tablets of Fate, setting the events in motion that would cause the Time of Troubles, banishing the gods to Toril as their avatars. While on Faerun, Bane was slain by the god Torm. Another mortal, Cyric, later gained Bane's divine power, while many of Bane's clergy turned to his demonic son Iyachtu Xvim. There was much celebrating as the people learned of the death of one of Faetun's biggest threats. Some of his essence survived in a banelich, but this was destroyed by his betrayed priestess Walinda. Ultimately he returned to life, emerging from the body of his son.

Bane's clergy scheme in the shadows, working to pull the strings of nobility by any means necessary. Assassinations and kidnappings are common, and the church of Bane is known for its skill at torture. Even clergy in positions of power answer to their superior in the church, and to do otherwise typically means death.

Bane's Realm in Avalas, the first Layer of Acheron, is called the Black Bastion. It is a towering edifice of adamantine, obsidian, ebony and jet, seeming to absorb what little light surrounds it. Soldiers from across the planes, particularly Baatezu, flock to his service. Bane rules over them as an iron-fisted tyrant from his throne of skulls.

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