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Balan is a baatezu+noble in the service of Fierana and Belial, and leads 40 companies of Barbazu into combat. Like his soldiers, he is cruel and aggressive, given to wild, lustful rages and violent sport. Little liked even among his fellows on Phlegethos, Balan is at the most respected, and at the least tolerated. He will never back down from a fight, although he is shrewd enough not  to be drawn into conflict with superior foes, given any choice in the matter. In battle he fights with his spined limbs and a weapon, favoring large axes, blades, or halberds (but he has no special or magical arms). Balan is belligerent, roaring, and loves a rough-and-tumble fight with opponents he considers weaker than himself.

Balan appears as a giant, yellow-skinned man with fierce black brows and a beard which grows in tufts (somewhat resembling the lower barbels of a catfish). He has gray hooves and a body which darkens to scarlet about his legs and his forked tail. He typically wears a leather weapon belt and girdle, but shuns armor. He has red, flaming eyes visible at some distance, and a hoarse voice. He is quite a wit (despite a coarse sense of humor), although few converse long enough on friendly terms with him to discover this. He wears a badge upon his belt depicting his own head next to a bull’s head (signifying his brutal, aggressive nature) and a ram’s head (denoting the lusty side of his nature).

Source: Dragon #75

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