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A creature that resembles a small elephant with a lizard's tail and a lion's back paws. Baku are extremely intellegent and are psionic. They have many telepathic abilities, and can shapeshift into a humanoid form. They can become invisible at will using their psionics.

Baku are rarely seen, but when they are they generally come from the Outlands. They can be neutral good, true neutral, or neutral evil. Most (80%) are good, some are evil (15%), and rarely are they true neutral (5%). The true nuetral baku are respected and revered by both the good and evil baku.

Baku ivory is actively traded on the black market by knights+of+the+cross-trade, though most baku consider it tasteless at best to abhorant at worst. A baku ivory trader should be prepared to deal with retaliation from one of these beasts.

Monstrous Compendium Appendix (2nd ed.)

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