Bahamut's Palace

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Bahamut's Palace is built entirely from the treasure hoard of Bahamut the Platinum Dragon, ruler of good dragons and a paragon of wisdom, knowledge, prophecies, and song. The palace's windows are gemstones in settings of gold and silver, its walls are inlaid with copper and jade, and its floors are beaten mithral. Within, seven great wyrms attend Bahamut amid treasure gathered over eons—and the bones of a thousand failed thieves. Bahamut's Palace moves among the first four layers of Mount Celestia at Bahamut's will, carried aloft by a whirlwind. For travelers friendly to the Platinum Dragon, the palace offers an alternative method for traveling Mount Celestia without using the paths.

Occasionally it manifests in the realm of Brihaspati.
Source: Planes of Law

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