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Baernaloths are said to be the first of all fiends, the creators of all the others. Gaunt, hideous, gray-skinned creatures with bestial, horned heads, they are now mostly mad or in hibernation, their role as masters of the Lower Planes passed on to the Tanar'ri, Gehreleths, Yugoloths, and Baatezu.

One group of baernaloths, however, is still active. These baern, known as the Demented, are somehow both chaotic evil and lawful evil at once. At least one of them acts as an "advisor" to every major yugoloth ruler, who they manipulate like puppets, or perhaps like a virus manipulates its host.

The baernaloths are believed to have equivalents in the form of the unnamed progenitors of Good, Chaos, Law, and Balance.

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