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Avalas is the first Layer of Acheron, called also the Battleplains, is a region of cubes made of black iron, floating in the sky and eternally crashing against one another with a sound like a million spears hitting a million spears - which is another sound common on this layer, as it is a realm of constant warfare.

Clangor, the Realm of the Goblin Pantheon, is on this layer, as is Nishrek, the realm of the orcish+pantheon. Also found here are Vorkehan, the City of Fumes; Mesk, a port on the River Styx; Resounding Thunder, the Realm of Lei Kung; the Black Bastion, the realm of Bane; the Hive Fortress, the realm of Bralm; Restyn's+Last+Stand, a cube held sacred by celestials. Also found here are the realms of Hextor and Ravanna.

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