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The Gate-town to Mechanus, Automata is a perfect grid, its homes and business arranged in a pattern too complex to easily discern. This unfortunately makes it complicated to find things sometimes, but rules are rules. At least the grid makes the streets easy enough to suss out. In the center of town is a great turning gear, the portal to Mechanus.

Automata is stifled and riddled with bureaucracy. It also has humans, Baatezu, modrons, Archons, Rakshasa and many other races. The town's high-ups, the Council of Order, are countered by a group of underworld bosses known as the Council of Anarchy, who control what some see as the town's fun side, ruling the twisted passages underground. Without the Council of Anarchy, Automata would've slid into Mechanus long ago.


Planescape Campaign Setting
A Player's Primer to the Outlands

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