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Whether they believe the powers to be a crutch that the weak lean on or a bunch of greedy beings that are just on a different sort of existence, the Athar are a faction that house both the worst atheists and the best theists of the planes. Both groups agree that the current 'powers' of the planes aren't the be-all and end-all of theological existance on the Planes. Some believe that there is something greater: a "Great Unknown" lies beyond mortal and paramortal comprehension. Others say that it's all a lie: nothing lies beyond what we can see and we should rely on our inner strength instead of putting ourselves into the hands of a false upper being. There are the bitter, there are the scholarly, and most of all there are the sort of "anti-preachers" that take to the streets of Sigil to declare the falseness of the powers. These "anti-preachers" are the most visible of the members of the Athar, as they are usually in the Lower Ward shouting out about the hypocrisy of the powers to all that would listen. They usually do their preaching near the Shattered Temple, which is their headquarters in Sigil.

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The Athar, also known as the Defiers or the Lost, are a Faction with headquarters in the Shattered Temple in Sigil. After the Faction War they abandoned the City of Doors, relocating to the base of the Spire. Their current Factol is Jaya Forlorn. Prior to the Faction War, Terrance led the faction.

The Factol's Manifesto
Planewalker's Handbook
Faction War

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