Astral Plane

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The Astral Plane, also called the Silver Void, is a dimensionless non-space that exists outside and between the other planes of the Multiverse. Time does not pass on the Astral, although it "catches up" on visitors after they leave.

The Astral Plane looks like a silver sky studded with white stars. Color+pools, conduits, and the stony corpses of dead gods appear at irregular intervals, and the World+Ash and Mount Olympus both have their main bodies here. Thoughts from across the planes and ectoplasmic energies rush through the emptiness. Psychic+winds can be a dangerous hazard. Everything in the Astral Plane - even visitors - is thought, so thought can be as solid as anything else.

The Silver Void is populated by Githyanki, psurlons, Thendar, buommans, dhours, astral+streakers, astral+stalkers, berbalangs, spectral+hounds, Doc cu'oc, Garmorm, and other alien species who need to go to other planes to reproduce.

One of the most notable monsters is the Astral dreadnought, who are one of the few creatures that can sever the silver cord of those travelling on the Astral using certain spells.


A Guide to the Astral Plane

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