Elemental Plane of Air

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The Elemental Plane of Air is just that. Air as far as the eye can see...an infinite mass of air. If you can't fly, or don't have something that can float, you might be in a bit of trouble, Berk.

The archomentals of this plane - Chan and Yan-C-Bin - aren't as domineering as those of Earth, Water, or Fire, so the various races native to the plane can breathe a little more freely. Natives include Elementals, Breathdrinkers, Mihstu, Sislan, vortices, spirits of the air, tempests, Skriaxits, Plasms, Ildrisses, djinn, dusters, invisible+servants, Invisible stalkers, Eolians, Sylphs, and more.

Flying creatures like birds and even communities of humans, elves, Githzerai, and Tieflings dwell in floating cities. Native plants include djinn+blossoms, which often form the foundations of floating islands.

The capital of the djinn is the Court of Ice and Steel. The ruler of all air elementals is Akadi.

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