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Adaptors are an ancient, intelligent race found on all planes of existence. They are a withdrawn people, shunning contact with others and focusing instead on gathering onformation and exchanging it among themselves. In their natural state, adaptors are shiny, gold, muscular androgynous humanoids with blank oval faces. Adaptors can change into the form of any creature of human size. Unlike dopplegangers, they cannot turn into duplicates of specific people.

Adaptors are a mysterious, scholarly people. Each member has more accumulated knowledge than any sage. However, their philosophy demands they not pass their great knowledge to other cultures. If people are polite, an adaptor may answer a single question for them.

The origin of the adaptors has long been lost. Some believe that the adaptors themselves are searching for answers to their origins.

Source: Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix, page 96

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