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Acheron. The Battle Cubes. The Plane of Lost Causes.

[/b]The iron-shod cubes of Acheron ring with the sound of futile wars, and resound with the screams of those who died needlessly. The armies have fought for most of eternity, and until eternity ends they'll probably still be at war. Mind you, Berk, while this whole plane's at war it's just a bed bug compared with the Blood War itself!

Acheron is conformity at all costs, cold iron law with a tinge of evil. The armies, clans, and cliques of the plane believe that identification with their group is the highest of goals, and those not of their group are to be subjugated or destroyed.

The cubes are home to most of the goblinoid and orc species such as bugbears and hobgoblins. Archeron is also home to Rust Dragons.

On some of the cubes, a berk might find himself becoming metal himself, stuck forever in place until he's smashed by another cube or eaten by a rust monster.

Acheron's four layers are Avalas, Thuldanin, Tintibulus and Ocanthus.

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