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Abominations [/b]are mistakes, the unwanted, unforeseen offspring of the powers. They are usually misshapen and grotesque and carefully hidden away by their shamed and terrified parents on prison planes like Agathion (in Pandemonium) and Carceri.

Divine abominations include the mechanical anaxim (misbegotten creations of forge-gods), atropals (undead, stillborn godlings), chichimecs (clusters of madly flapping wings descended from deities of the air), dream larvae (creatures of nightmare descended from deities of the imagination), Hecatoncheires (the hundred-handed ones of Greek mythology imprisoned in Carceri by their father, Uranus), infernals (descendents of gods and fiends), phaethons (progeny of the fire gods), phanes (paradoxical offspring of time-gods, lost in the winds of Time), and xixecals (offspring of deities of chaos, ice, and evil).

Other uses

[/b]Abomination is also the name given to the leaders of the yuan-ti, snakelike humanoids.


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